Hello and Welcome From Herbalab Products

It was in 1947 that Dr. P.M. Sarathchandra M.D., IH, D.HT began his career practicing conventional medicine. However, he soon became aware of its limitations when he was unable to provide any relief for his own father who was suffering from asthma.

It was this that inspired him into investigating various herbal and homeopathic remedies.

Years of experimentation resulted in the formula Amborum Special F "ASFO" was discovered in 1958. That was when Herbalab Products was established. Amborum Special F brought relief to his father's asthma, and allowed him to live to the age of 110.

When Herbalab Products first started, it was mainly sold only in Sri Lanka.


Your medicine has been of great help for our elder son. After several days of application he found himself on the way of improving recovery what he hardly could believe after 15 years of suffering. And now he will not profit alone from this gift of God by your hands: He announced to his friends and other affected persons to get well again and rid of their disease. So far he begs us to send you his cordial thanks.
Gertund M. Heinen
Best of health to you and your family