About Us

It was in 1947 that Dr. P.M. Sarathchandra M.D., IH, D.HT began his career practicing conventional medicine. However, he soon became aware of its limitations when he was unable to provide any relief for his own father who was suffering from asthma.

It was this that inspired him to investigate various herbal and homeopathic remedies. Years of experimentation resulted in the formula Amborum Special F, was discovered in 1958. That was when Herbalab Products was established. Amborum Special F brought relief to his father's asthma, and allowed him to live to the age of 110.

When Herbalab Products first started, it was mainly sold only in Sri Lanka. Soon many tourists who came to explore this tiny tropical country heard about Herbalab Products and tried our remedies. These tourists took our products back to their home country(s). This is how Herbalab Products became a international company; through word of mouth from our customers who were impressed with the results of our products. To this day, word of mouth and customer satisfaction is our main source of “advertising” and company growth.

Today, Herbalab Products is run by Homeopathic Dr. V.K. Sarathchandra M.D.M. SC, D.I.Hom. Our cooperate headquarters are based in Burbank, California, USA and our products are produced to stringent standards in Sri Lanka. To this day, Herbalab Products still make products that help bring relief to patients in many countries around the world and our guiding principle is to make products that are not only effective but safe and all natural. One of our guiding principles is that we won’t sell something that we would not use with our own family.

Best health to you and your family.

Best of health to you and your family