I do work in the medical field as a  Nurse.  I have been diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis. I suffered from chronic Lumbar pain, without worthwhile pain management, acute...like a  9 out of 10, worse on some days with difficulty when I am walking. I have been prescribed the whole cocktail of Norco with anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxants, what at certain point they were a waste.  The various opioids just made me stoned, drowsy, unable to drive to my work and I could still feel the pain.  When I first used the Anti Rheuma, after a few days I noticed two significant facts; I was NOT stoned. And I was NOT in pain. No side effects, no pain, life saver!!  Works really well.   Very grateful and satisfied with the results.  Thank You!!!!  Herbalab Products. 
Josefina Lockhart (USA)

Your medicine has been of great help for our elder son. After several days of application he found himself on the way of improving recovery what he hardly could believe after 15 years of suffering. And now he will not profit alone from this gift of God by your hands: He announced to his friends and other affected persons to get well again and rid of their disease. So far he begs us to send you his cordial thanks.
Sincerely yours,
Gertund M. Heinen

I must thank you for the Diabe Tea. It has truly helped my husband who now has Diabetes II. After about 2-3 weeks he actually felt better, and the glucose readings were much better and regular. There is no other answer other than your Diabe Tea, as he certainly didn't change his habits nor diet in any way whatsoever! He felt MUCH better.
Mim Smith

After trying conventional medicine for my Arthritis and my joints, which were rapidly showing deformities, I decided to take 'Anti Rheuma', by Herbalab Products. To my surprise, a few days later I noticed that the swelling around my joints started to come down; in a month or so the pain was gone and I could use my fingers normally.
Guido Espada

The Sri Lankan tea has been wonderful for my liver problem. Since I started drinking Sri Lankan Tea some years ago, my G.O.T. and G.O.T. figures have improved to normal. I now look forward to many, many more years of active life. By the way...
I'm 75 years young.
Chris H. Yanhs

I am still very glad to know this products {Amborum Special F}. If I have great difficulties in Asthma, I take some of your Amborum and I am much better. I thank you very, very much.
Hanny Schlapbach [Teufenthal, Switzerland]

Thank you for Amborum, it is extremely helpful for my respiratory problems. After only four (4) days I found lasting relief and use it any time there is tightness or trouble breathing.
Leila Hadley Luce [New York, U.S.A.]

I am an asthmatic person and I am currently taking your medicine 'Amborum Special F', with excellent results. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate your for your work and the quality of your products.
Candela Padron-Sanchez [Canarias, Spain]

Best of health to you and your family