• Skinosa

Skin conditions need to be treated both systemically (from inside the body) and topically (on the outside, on the skin itself). Many people use only topical creams with poor results. People who have used Skinosa have received beneficial results from such conditions as itchy, scaly, overly dry, or overly oily skin, psoriasis, and more.

Skinosa is an all natural herbal syrup that is taken orally, and helps the body naturally fix the skin problem from within.

Some of the rare herbs used in Skinosa:

  1. Santelum Rubrum: Also known as sandlewood, an ancient and celebrated exotic wood often used externally as a oil or paste to help rejuvenate the skin. It has natural antibacterial and cleansing properties and helps improve circulation when taken orally.
  2. Gmelina arborea: In ancient times, Gmelina Arborea leaves were made into paste and applied topically to help heal skin ulcers and soothe insect bites. It was also taken as a juice to improve circulation and help wounds heal from the inside out.


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