• Diabe Tea

Diabe Tea is an all natural herbal tea which aids in the relief of patients with diabetes and/or sugar in the blood or urine.
Diabetes and Glucose Intolerance (Pre-Diabetes) is usually a result of your body getting resistant to insulin or not making enough insulin so you body can’t absorb the glucose (sugar) from the food you eat.  This results from those that have a poor diet and over indulgence in fatty and sugary foods.  Insulin is made by your body to absorb the sugar that your body needs for energy.  Without insulin, your body can’t absorb the sugar from foods.  This results in elevated blood sugar (blood glucose).  To prevent this, one either take diabetes medications, inject insulin, and/or eat a diabetic diet that is low in concentrated sugar. 
Diabe Tea works by helping your body reduce the resistance to insulin and help your body absorb sugar/glucose more efficiently.  Diabe Tea is a combination of rare herbs made into a powder.  One uses this powder to make a great tasting herbal tea.  Diabe Tea has no recommended dosage...the more you drink Diabe Tea, the better the results!

It is hard for many of our new customers to believe the healing properties of Diabe Tea. However, once one has tried Diabe Tea, one may see for themselves the incredible results.

Diabe Tea

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Best of health to you and your family