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Kainka has helped thousands of people throughout the world who suffer from sinus related symptoms such as water eyes, itchy eyes, bronchitis, and post nasal drip and rhinorrhea (persistant runny nose). Drowsiness associated with many antihistamines do not occur with Kainka. It is also very effective in chronic dry cough. 

Chronic dry cough, sometimes also known as post infectious cough, can often persist for weeks to months after a upper respiratory infection and is often very resistant to treatment.  Kainka is good at suppressing and controlling this type of cough. 

Some of the rare herbs used in Kainka:

Verbena Officinalis: Verbena Officinalis is a versatile herb that has many uses. One of which is for relief of colds and upper respiratory infections. It has a very calming effect and helps relief muscle cramps and spasms.


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